Can I get help to set up my products on RwandaMart?

Yes, we have a team of experts to help you to onboard and set up your Seller Store on RwandaMart. They will also help you to take photos of your products, help you to write product descriptions and show you how RwandaMart works behind the scene. Please email us at if you’d like us […]

Can I return a product?

Yes, in most cases you can return your product. Our standard returns period is 30 days. However certain products and store may apply specific returns conditions which you will find in the ‘Store Policies’ tab within each product page. See the screenshot below: Before you can return your item, please contact the Seller from whom […]

How do I get free shipping?

Free shipping is automatically applied if you order at least 2 items or units of any given product, or if your total order is over RWF 10,000.